A friend suggested I should keep a diary. She says she keeps one and it helps her to get her head round things when she feels life's running away.

So, I'm giving it a try....

Dear Diary,

Please would you help me get my head round a few things right now.

Yours sincerely


Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Firstly there’s Katie.  She’s been living with me for three years now and I absolutely love her to bits.  She’s my world, my whole world.  In fact there are times when I think it was her who gave me the strength to carry on.  Sometimes I found it hard after Sam died.  Life had no meaning.  But then along came Katie and she’s the only meaning I need.
We’ve had some good times, me and Katie.  We have a laugh, together.  I think we’re friends.  She grew up so much when she started secondary school: it was such a change.  But it is so lovely to see, and to be there for her as she discovers life in a new way.  I call it the pre-teens phase.  I love the pre-teens phase where children blossom into young people, take shape, experiment with their identity.  It’s been fun. 
Now we’ve got the teenage years to deal with.  Well, at least I pray to God we can deal with them together.

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