A friend suggested I should keep a diary. She says she keeps one and it helps her to get her head round things when she feels life's running away.

So, I'm giving it a try....

Dear Diary,

Please would you help me get my head round a few things right now.

Yours sincerely


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

So who’s the father?

So who’s the father? I hear you ask. Well Katie’s father is a man named Simon. He’s a nice man. They weren’t married, Katie’s mum and Katie’s dad. In fact we didn’t find out about Katie’s dad until after her mum died.

Katie’s mum was called Sally. She had Katie when she was seventeen, she’d have been thirty now if she were still with us.

Heroine overdose.

She hadn’t even been a user when she was younger; it had only been a few months. Fell in with the wrong crowd. So sad.